Relatives of Grim Sleeper Victims Unrest at Trial Delay

Grim Sleeper Suspect Lonnie Franklin reports on the apparent delaying tactics hindering the start of Grim Sleeper suspect Lonnie Franklin Jr’s. trial. Diane Ware, stepmother of 1987 Grim Sleeper Victim Barbara Ware summed up the frustrations of many  by saying “We’re just hoping that we can go to trial later this year. But the way this case is going, it might be another two years,

Lonnie Franklin, Jr. was indicted more than two years ago and charged with 10 murders and one attempted murder. He has pleaded not guilty.

More on this story HERE

2 responses to “Relatives of Grim Sleeper Victims Unrest at Trial Delay

  1. California is dragging their heels a bit too much for me. The only thing I can say is that
    he certainly lives in the right state because in the time it has taken with these ridiculous holdup’s he’d have been dead three times here in Texas.
    The death penalty here is a very well oiled machine that keeps the train to hell rolling along without many stops.
    California should just save money and eliminate the death penalty. A life sentence in general population is death penalty enough.
    It’s time to put this man out of commission. Look. I’m a born and raised Lone Star Texan. I came out of my Mama’s womb with a double barrel shot gun in my hand and a taste for deer jerky. I say save the good people of California the money it cost to house and feed these bastards and take his ass out to pasture!

  2. Will the trial be televised? I’ve read so much about this trial and saw the movie twice. I am really involved emotionally with this case and want to follow every moment. If the defense thinks that the prosecution is dragging its’ heels, then the prosecution should personally deliver whatever the defense is complaining about missing.

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